Enlightened Art

Abstract Mind art prints, paintings, and drawings are just a few forms of artwork we create at the Zendo.  We embrace all forms of creativity and our artwork is always evolving and our interests transforming.

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Energy Work

At the Zendo, we offer individualized energy work sessions, mind-body-spirit balancing, and chakra clearing.  We also host workshops on meditation and mindfulness practice, metaphysical discussions, traditional healing technique workshops, ancient practices seminars, and Reiki and Shamanic courses from beginner to advanced levels.

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Addington Photo

Zendo Arts is home to Addington Photo.  At the Zendo we offer photography courses, discussions, and exhibits.  Addington Photo offers fine art photography and portraiture.

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Art at the Zendo

At Zendo Arts we believe art is both metaphysical and contemplative.  Art, photography, music, and the healing arts compliment the spirit and feed the soul's passion.  At Zendo Arts we seek to help others forge their own unique path along their journey, feeling connected to life and the people around them.  We believe the process of creating art and music is a very personal way of connecting with a greater energy.